How we protect our customers' interests and lend responsibly

Fair & fully disclosed rates

We offer fair loans at competitive rates with
no hidden fees. All charges are clearly
disclosed. We explain loan mechanics and
total costs before any loan is issued.

Protective lending criteria

We apply strict credit limits and carry out
appropriate credit vetting and affordability
assessments to protect our customers'
ability to afford and repay their loans


To achieve customer satisfaction and avoid misuse
of loans, we follow high standards of service,
customer vetting and compliance. We treat
customers in a helpful and courteous manner.

Downloand our Customer Protection Charter

Important customer considerations before taking a loan

  • Check whether the loan is suitable for you considering your personal circumstances. Do not seek more credit than you need.
  • Only seek credit for important and necessary expenditures (such as medical or schooling expenses or required investments in a car or your home).
    We discourage you from financing entertainment or lifestyle expenses on credit.
  • Consider that short-term loans are not appropriate for long-term borrowing or if you are in financial difficulty.
  • Don't take a loan for someone else, no matter what you are promised.
  • Find the most competitive terms for your loan and compare our offer with that of other financing providers
    Note: by comparing the total of all repayments due, you can avoid falling victim of misleading offers and undisclosed fees.
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